Cheap mechanical keyboard

Best mechanical keyboards on a budget

Nowadays mechanical keyboards are popular because of their many advantages compared to membrane keyboards. But where do you find cheap mechanical keyboards with good quality? Below are a 8 best mechanical keyboard models all at a good discount.
Das Keyboard

The first mechanical keyboard we recommend is the Rosewill with Cherry MX red switches.


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Azio Levetron Clicker

If you're looking for cheap, don't look any further, this is the cheapest mechanical keyboard on the market.


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CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

This mechanical keyboard doesn't only look nice, but it also is a very popular and great quality gaming keyboard.


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Monoprice mechanical keyboard

A very well built keyboard without any frills at a good price with blue switches.


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Cherry g80-3000

The Cherry G80-3000 keboard is great keyboard, with a nice feel and good response.


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iOne Scorpius M10

The iOne Scorpius M10 has a great old IBM model feeling.


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Razer Blackwidow Tournament

With Razer you're chosing a well known brand. This tournament edition is a tenkeyless keyboard with blue switches


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Das Keyboard

The Das Keyboard is a more professional keyboard. If you have the budget and you type/game a lot then this is certainly worth the price.


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